First post written on mobile and published from mobile


I’ve used Working Copy on my iPhone for sometimes. It’s a great app; I used to update photos on my phone stream and make small changes on my portfolio. It’s reliable and easy to use. Since I set up this blog with Hexo, t have to try to write a blog post on my iPhone with Working Copy.

For the most part, it works great. However, I need to find another markdown editor. Even though I haven’t written a lot of markdowns before, I don’t feel like the experience writing markdown in Working Copy is excellent. Time to dig into MacStories, if I remember right, they had articles on how they use iPad to write articles for MacStories. They might use Draft, in that case, I’m not sure if I want to pay for it. I don’t think I will write a lot on my phone. I can probably create a shortcut to streamline the process of creating a new post. Anyway, so far I like this setup.


我在 iPhone 上用 Working Copy 也有一阵子了,体验很不错。我用它来更新我的照片墙 上的照片,偶尔还稍微改一改作品集上面的东西。使用都挺方便的,也比较少出问题。现在搭好博客了,那自然要尝试用 Working Copy 来发博客了。

简单试用了一下,体验还行,但我觉得我应该找一个更适合写 markdown 的软件来搭配。虽然我写 markdown 并不多,但是感觉 Working Copy 的 markdown 的体验一般。没记错的话,MacStories 上应该有讲他们怎么用 iPad 来编辑 MacStories 上的文章。印象里他们好像是用 Draft 来写的,那样的话我估计我应该不会剁手购买,感觉我应该不会在手机上写太多文章。另外我应该可以做一个捷径出来方便我添加新博客。总之现在我还挺喜欢这套配置的。

This will be my first blog

Hi everyone. I’ve finally decided to write a blog about my life. Not sure what I’m going to write here. But I hope I can keep doing it.

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